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  • unemployment

The hidden cost of unemployment: 300 BEUR

We all seem to agree that unemployment is one of the major challenges in modern time. Some might argue that […]

  • FI1

Weak correlation between debt and taxes

Government debt is one of the issues widely discussed among economists. A good measure for a nations current status in […]

  • FI2

Start-up funding landscape in US

Interesting perspectives and learnings could be gained by looking in to the funding activities around the start-up community.

If we look specifically […]

  • FI3

The lost opportunity of strategy

In order to really try to understand the functional area of strategy we run a online survey targeted towards business […]

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2by2 is a management consulting company with specific focus on providing advisory services within the functional area of business strategy. ”Value through strategy” is our mantra and our promise.


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