Insights are brief articles published by 2by2 specifically with the purpose of freely sharing perspectives regarding the functional area of strategy and / or to fuel discussion on topics with relevance to the business community.

Digitalize your strategy – don’t make a digital strategy

Today, everybody is talking about it. Digital. Digital disruption. Digital transformation. Everything digital. At 2by2 we are often asked what

Insight on Strategy: VOSEB – Strategy framework

At 2by2, our primary focus is strategy development, assessment and realization; this has been our core since 2by2 was founded

Why Bitcoin is not working … yet

In 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto released the paper "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System" which fundamentally became the birth of

Insight on strategy – a summary

2by2 publishes Insights on Strategy to help companies improve their ability to create value through strategy by better understanding what

The history of strategy

Strategy is not a new phenomenon; it has been around for some time and will likely remain a key concern

Consider gross margin of product/service before changing its price

The dynamics of pricing is extremely important to understand, before you start raising or lowering the price of your product

The importance of a business model for social media platforms

By now all of the major public social media platforms have reported their Q2 earning figures. They have grown from

The hidden cost of unemployment: 300 BEUR

We all seem to agree that unemployment is one of the major challenges in modern time. Some might argue that

Weak correlation between debt and taxes

Government debt is one of the issues widely discussed among economists. A good measure for a nations current status in

Start-up funding landscape in US

Interesting perspectives and learnings could be gained by looking in to the funding activities around the start-up community. If we look

The lost opportunity of strategy

In order to really try to understand the functional area of strategy we run a online survey targeted towards business

Companies missing the business model opportunity

In earlier articles we have described the basic fundamentals of a business strategy. The absolute minimum, we said, is that

Insight on Strategy: Strategy realization

The result of a well-articulated strategy should be visible in your company’s balance sheet and/or income statement. A strategy that

Insight on Strategy: Business Planning

Business planning is a core activity for any professionally run business. If handled well, it should result in a comprehensive

Competitor benchmarks and customer research

Here at 2by2 we are often asked whether we can help perform a competitor benchmark and/or customer research. The competitor

Energy-light economic growth – a call for action

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions have been the subject of discussions for many years. Specifically, CO2 emissions are believed to have

A tribute to the business rebels

We have all heard of them, and some of us have even met one, but nobody really knows how to

Insight on Strategy: The Strategy development team

Strategy is one of the most ambiguous terms in business today. At 2by2, we believe that strategy is one of

2by2 strategy survey 2012

In order to even better understand how companies perceive strategy, 2by2 has launched a strategy survey that focuses specifically on

Some countries clearly sub-scaled when it comes to R&D

It is commonly known that research and development (R&D) is of outmost important for many companies in several different industries,

Options for growth: The growth matrix

Many companies strive hard to grow their top-line; it is an aspiration that is commonly shared cross the business community

Insight on Strategy: The strategy development process

Many people believe that one of the key challenges with strategy is actually figuring out the right way to develop

Insight on strategy: One word – many definitions

Definition of strategy is ambiguous; ask ten people to independently define strategy and you will more than likely get ten

Capturing opportunities of an aging population

Is your strategy set to capture opportunities of an aging population? We are getting older, and I don’t just mean

Insight on strategy: Strategy pitfalls

Strategy is often at the top of the agenda of CEOs and board members across the business community. Strategy is

Insight on strategy: The good strategy

In today’s competitive business environment, having a well thought out strategy is instrumental for surviving and for achieving profitable growth.

Insight on strategy: The strategy context

Strategy does not exist in isolation, nor can it be developed or realized in isolation. In order to successfully leverage

Insight on strategy: Competitive advantage

When formulating a strategy, one of the most important choices is to do with competitive advantage. Essentially, this is about

Insight on strategy: A definition

Strategy is about choice Ultimately, strategy is about choice. It is about choosing the company you want to be by

7 arguments for why chess is a poor metaphor for strategy

For some reason, as soon as somebody is talking about strategy or just anything even remotely related to strategy, the

Why chess is a poor metaphor for strategy #7

In the game of chess the players can easily survey the whole playing field; the chess board with its fixed

Facebook needs to grow earnings from $0.18 to $1.40 per user

In many ways, the Facebook phenomenon is best explained as a movement. The fact that the social network has been

Why chess is a poor metaphor for strategy #6

The game of chess always starts with a fixed set of resources where both players are given 16 pieces: one

Why chess is a poor metaphor for strategy #5

When playing chess, every new game starts from scratch. In business industries evolve constantly over time and few have had

Why chess is a poor metaphor for strategy #4

The game of chess has very strict rules, e.g. for how you are allowed to move the pieces around on

Why chess is a poor metaphor for strategy #3

The chess board is strictly defined and limited to eight columns and eight rows, in total 64 squares. In business

Why chess is a poor metaphor for strategy #2

Apart from yourself there are no other stakeholders to consider in chess; in business you need to consider many other

Why chess is a poor metaphor for strategy #1

Number of players in chess is limited to 2, number of players in business is unlimited __ The game of