Definition of strategy is ambiguous; ask ten people to independently define strategy and you will more than likely get ten different answers. Some of the answers you might get: Strategy is … “making choices”, “a series of actions”, “determining your goals”, “pointing the direction” etc. The vague definition of business strategy and the multitude of interpretation is one of the inherited challenges.

At 2by2 we simply define strategy as “A company’s choice of competitive edge in the market.”; a simple definition with some serious implications if you look a little bit closer at the sentence. Our definition of strategy has been further explored and explained in an earlier Insight on strategy,

See below a live search on “Business Strategy” from Twitter, the search results will help you further understand just have diverse definition and perception of what strategy actually is. At 2by2 we strongly believe that strategy is one of the most important aspects that will heavily influence your ability to generate profitable growth, but that implies a definition at least similar to the one we have proposed. If you adapt a strict definition of strategy in-line with our proposal then you soon also will realize that majority of the discussion about strategy is actually a discussion about something else.

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