While the common tradition is to send Season’s Greetings with a nice looking postcard we have decided to do something slightly different at 2by2. Instead of sending you a postcard we have decided to donate money to a very special and important project. This year we are donating money to the Blue Earth Alliance (blueearth.org) to support them specifically in their endeavor to create the Blue Earth Book. Below a brief description provided by Blue Earth:

“A dramatic image can change our perception and alter our understanding of a subject. This idea defines the mission of Blue Earth: to raise awareness about endangered cultures, threatened environments and social concerns through photography. By supporting the power of photographic storytelling, we motivate society to make positive change. Since 1996, we’ve helped close to 100 photographers tell their stories.  The Blue Earth Book will highlight a collection of Blue Earth’s most important projects. Featured portfolios will be selected and edited by Whitney Johnson, Director of Photography at The New Yorker.”

2by2 is making its donation to Blue Earth by joining the movement of crowdfunding, in this case through kickstarter.com.

Season’s Greetings and best wishes for a Happy New Year!


Jonas Tulldahl