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Digitalize your strategy – don’t make a digital strategy

Today, everybody is talking about it. Digital. Digital disruption. Digital transformation. Everything digital. At 2by2 we are often asked what digital transformation, or digital disruption, means for corporate strategy. In this Insight on Strategy, we will share our perspective on the hot topic of digital and how it can have an impact on the way

Insight on Strategy: Strategy framework

At 2by2, our primary focus is strategy development, assessment and realization; this has been our core since 2by2 was founded in 2010. One thing we realized early on was that the definition of strategy as a business practice is very ambiguous; every executive basically has their own definition. From the start, we have published Insights

Why Bitcoin is not working … yet

In 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto released the paper "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System" which fundamentally became the birth of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. While nobody still knows who Mr Nakamoto really is, many people quickly became aware of the existence of Bitcoin. The debate surrounding the cryptocurrency has been lively with many supporters and equally

Some recent tweets

See below some recent tweets from 2by2, in case you missed them: According to thenordicweb total startup funding in the Nordics 2015 was $1,82B - quite impressive for a relatively small region.— Jonas Tulldahl (@2by2AB) January 14, 2016 #SoundCloud have finally landed a licensing deal with #Universal. Perhaps time now to implement that subscription model

Insight on strategy – a summary

2by2 publishes Insights on Strategy to help companies improve their ability to create value through strategy by better understanding what strategy actually is, by learning how to spot the difference between a good strategy and a not-so-good strategy, and by gaining perspectives on the most common pitfalls when developing a strategy. The insights have been

Consider gross margin of product/service before changing its price

The dynamics of pricing is extremely important to understand, before you start raising or lowering the price of your product or service. Pricing is a powerful tool, perhaps the most powerful tool that will have direct impact on you position in the market, the demand of your product or service and not at least your

The importance of a business model for social media platforms

By now all of the major public social media platforms have reported their Q2 earning figures. They have grown from small start-up companies to significant companies so it is extra interesting to compare them and see how they stack up. We have specifically looked at Facebook (FB), Twitter (TWTR) and LinkedIn (LNKD). All