2by2 follows the evolution of social media closely. Social media can be an extremely powerful tool that has the potential to substantially boost your success, if correctly leveraged. But it is also a tool that quickly can destroy your brand if less effectively used.

In many of the strategy cases we are engaged in, social media and the way to relate to it and the way to effectively leverage it turns out to be one of the key questions.

The key question – from our perspective – is to understand how your presence in social media is supposed to support realization of your strategy. If your strategy articulates a competitive edge based on branding, you most likely would like to use social media for brand building purposes. On the other hand, if your strategy indicates a competitive advantage based on the service you deliver together with your products, then you likely would like to leverage social media as a platform for your service delivery. Your strategy needs to determine how you effectively can leverage social media.

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