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Insight on Strategy: Strategy framework

At 2by2, our primary focus is strategy development, assessment and realization; this has been our core since 2by2 was founded in 2010. One thing we realized early on was that the definition of strategy as a business practice is very ambiguous; every executive basically has their own definition. From the start, we have published Insights

Consider gross margin of product/service before changing its price

The dynamics of pricing is extremely important to understand, before you start raising or lowering the price of your product or service. Pricing is a powerful tool, perhaps the most powerful tool that will have direct impact on you position in the market, the demand of your product or service and not at least your

The importance of a business model for social media platforms

By now all of the major public social media platforms have reported their Q2 earning figures. They have grown from small start-up companies to significant companies so it is extra interesting to compare them and see how they stack up. We have specifically looked at Facebook (FB), Twitter (TWTR) and LinkedIn (LNKD). All

The lost opportunity of strategy

In order to really try to understand the functional area of strategy we run a online survey targeted towards business executives. Based on the responses on this survey we can draw some conclusions on the executives own perspective on strategy; which we believe is really interesting and provide good insights. We have previously published a

Companies missing the business model opportunity

In earlier articles we have described the basic fundamentals of a business strategy. The absolute minimum, we said, is that the strategy contains description of, and gives clarity on, four different dimensions. First of all the strategy should give clarity on the offerings, hence what is the company actually bringing to the market. The second

Insight on Strategy: Strategy realization

The result of a well-articulated strategy should be visible in your company’s balance sheet and/or income statement. A strategy that does not result in concrete business results is useless. This philosophy is what we are referring to when we talk about value through strategy – concrete value delivered through a clearly articulated strategy. However, in

Insight on Strategy: Business Planning

Business planning is a core activity for any professionally run business. If handled well, it should result in a comprehensive business plan that enables the company to operate both efficiently and effectively. However, it is important to realize how the business plan in any company should relate to the overarching strategy. In this Insight on

Competitor benchmarks and customer research

Here at 2by2 we are often asked whether we can help perform a competitor benchmark and/or customer research. The competitor benchmarks are usually requested when executives want a better understanding of whether there is any white space in the market; that is, whether there are segments in the market with a less competitive situation. Customer