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The lost opportunity of strategy

In order to really try to understand the functional area of strategy we run a online survey targeted towards business executives. Based on the responses on this survey we can draw some conclusions on the executives own perspective on strategy; which we believe is really interesting and provide good insights. We have previously published a

Companies missing the business model opportunity

In earlier articles we have described the basic fundamentals of a business strategy. The absolute minimum, we said, is that the strategy contains description of, and gives clarity on, four different dimensions. First of all the strategy should give clarity on the offerings, hence what is the company actually bringing to the market. The second

Some countries clearly sub-scaled when it comes to R&D

It is commonly known that research and development (R&D) is of outmost important for many companies in several different industries, such as high-tech, telecom, healthcare etc. For companies in such industries the ability to excel in R&D may have a direct impact on the company’s competitive position in the market and consequently also have a